A look back at Fearless Cities from 2021

Co-written with Júlia Miralles de Imperial. When Barcelona En Comú invited activists and organizations from around the world to Barcelona for the Fearless Cities Summit in 2017, we hoped that the event would mark a turning point for the municipalist movement. Just two years previously, our citizen candidacy had been catapulted into office on a… Continue reading A look back at Fearless Cities from 2021

A municipalist response to COVID-19

Originally published in the RosaLux Brexit Blog on 27/08/2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has been met by unprecedented state intervention around the world. We’ve seen lockdowns, travel bans, quarantines and state-funded furloughs instigated in an attempt to deal with both the virus and its economic consequences. In many countries, these interventions have been accompanied by the… Continue reading A municipalist response to COVID-19

Municipalism in the age of COVID

Originally published on 26/06/2020 in Roar Magazine. In 2016, the political scientist and now Barcelona deputy mayor, Joan Subirats, published a book called ‘The power of proximity’ on the virtues of municipal politics. The title summed up the basic premise of municipalism: that the local scale allows opportunities for physical togetherness that have a unique… Continue reading Municipalism in the age of COVID

Prospects for municipalism in 2020

Originally published in Minim on 20/01/2020. 2019 was Spanish municipalism’s annus horribilis. A number of local candidatures were riven by internal divisions and, in the May elections, governments fell in important cities like Madrid, A Coruña and Zaragoza, among others. Nevertheless, it’s not all bad news for those who defend municipalism as a tool of… Continue reading Prospects for municipalism in 2020

Habitar l’Emergència Climàtica

Originally published in Catalunya Plural on 17/01/2020 Avui dia, més de mil municipis arreu del món han declarat l’Emergència Climàtica. Entre ells, Barcelona, que s’hi ha sumat aquesta setmana. Aquests consistoris manifesten, així, tant la gravetat de l’amenaça climàtica com la urgència dels terminis per posar-hi remei. La primera administració a fer-ho va ser la… Continue reading Habitar l’Emergència Climàtica

Perspectivas municipalistas para el 2020

Originally published in El Diario.es on 16/01/2020 El 2019 fue el annus horribilis para el municipalismo en España: desconfluyeron varias candidaturas locales y, en los comicios de mayo, cayeron gobiernos importantes en Madrid, A Coruña o Zaragoza, entre otros. Sin embargo, no todo son malas noticias para las defensoras del municipalismo como herramienta de transformación… Continue reading Perspectivas municipalistas para el 2020