The Apothek-alypse

You’d think something as basic as medical dispensation practices would be standardised in Europe these days, but I’ve been treated in a disturbingly erratic way in pharmacies across borders.

In Spain, the most over-prescribed country in Europe, they push amphetamines on you if you complain of so much as a headache. In stark contrast, the Austrians seem devoted to ‘alternative’ remedies. I had been forewarned of this by a colleague, who related an anecdote to me in which an ambulance crew called out to pick up a child suffering from an acute fever was appalled to discover on arrival that the patient’s feet had not been wrapped up in vinegar-soaked towels by her (scandalously neglectful) parents.

Still, imagine the look on my face when the pharmacist offered me tea as a cure for cystitis. Tea! After my pleas for antibiotics went unheeded, we eventually haggled our way to some worryingly herby-tasting pills.

In conclusion: save our NHS!


3 thoughts on “The Apothek-alypse

  1. Ehem… With a cystitis, you should see a doctor. Austrian pharmacists don’t hand out antibiotics without a prescription by a medical doctor. The reason for this is to prevent antibiotic resistance.


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