Women’s Café

Launched in 1977, the Frauencafé Wien is a legacy of second-wave feminism, tucked away in the 8th district – a feminist cafe!

Apparently, there used to be at least one of these places in all of the major European cities, but the Frauencafé in Vienna is now one of the last standing.

I think they would probably describe it as a ‘space’ for women (horrible term!). They do film screenings, exhibitions, parties… and, best of all, on Thursday evenings it is converted into a ‘feminist pub’.

Last night, in said pub, the bar was propped up by girls with sharp hair cuts, each with a fag dangling from one hand and a glass of red wine swirling in the other.

It’s cosy, cheap, and plastered with radical-feminist slogans. Needless to say, I love it.

Check out this re-imagining of the Gone with the Wind film poster on one of the walls….

Frauencafé Wien
Lange Gasse 11
1080 Wien