First impressions

I’m tired, confused, and reeling in shock at the change in climate between Barcelona and Vienna.

A couple of days ago I was breakfasting in a plaza in the sun. Today I’m wrapped up in boots, a coat, and a scarf that is twice the length of my body.

Even so, I have managed to form a few opinions about Vienna in my first 24 hours here:

1) People are incredibly friendly and helpful. A guy in the train station offered to help me buy my ticket. A waiter stood and translated an entire menu into English for me. My taxi driver happily chatted away to me, neither of us understanding a word the other was saying.

2) It is lucky I like turkish food. There are kebab shops every 5 metres.

3) I went to the supermarket. The maple syrup and porridge oat supplies are plentiful. Canned tuna seems ridiculously expensive. I have yet to find peanut butter.

3) Did I mention it was cold?

Now I need to find a place to live.


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