Moving to Vienna

I’ve been offered a job in Vienna and I’m going to take it.

As in the case of my Barcelona adventure, I’ll be going without knowing anyone and without speaking the language. On good days, this type of behaviour makes me thrill at the endless possibilities of leaping into the unknown. On bad days, I am baffled by my own masochistic tendencies.

I wanted to write this post before even googling Vienna, just to get a baseline measure of the unfathomable depths of my ignorance. When I think of Vienna I think:



The Sound of Music

Sigmund Freud



The Viennese Waltz

And is there a Viennese ice-cream, or am I just making that up?

I also remember from my interrailing travels through Central Europe that it is pretty far east, and very close to Bratislava.

That is it.

Let the googling commence!