Boyzone’s Triumphant Return: A Fan’s Review

OK, so the title of their comeback tour, ‘Boyzone: Back Again… No Matter What’, did not bode well. Rather than ‘Back By Popular Demand’ there was an apologetic tone that suggested they weren’t confident that their return would be welcomed.

However their gig at the Millennium Dome last night (I refuse to call it the O2 – I dread the day when all London’s buildings are named after corporations) proved that they had nothing to worry about.


Now, as a veteran of their 90s tours, I can say that according to any standard their show is better than anything they’ve put on before. Their concerts always used to be a little slapdash, but they’ve clearly put a lot of time, effort and money into this venture.

The audience was treated to pyrotechnics, glistening abs, and a stage that by turns span, flew, and dropped away.

Of course I’m no neutral observer: I was there to spend a couple of hours regressing into naive teenage hysteria, and to see the band that was such an important part of my awkward adolescent years. For any Boyzone fan it was a delight to see the band so clearly enjoying being on stage, especially compared with their obvious boredom during the dying months before their split.

I also enjoyed the fact that the concert wasn’t just the Ronan show – all of the band got their chance in the spotlight, without it ever feeling forced – No more Good Conversation (you know what I’m talking about Boyzone fans). They were always more than the sum of their parts, a fact that was proved by Ronan’s lacklustre solo career. The biggest surprise was Shane Lynch singing Michael Jackson’s Bad – where that voice came from I have no idea, but I liked it! Also impressive was Mike’s turn on the piano during words. They’ve all really upped their game.


Highlights were the retro gym rendering of When the Going Gets Tough (pictured above for your enjoyment), their first performance of And I, and Stephen Gately’s irrepressible enthusiasm.

They also unveiled their new single Can’t Stop Thinking About You, an excerpt of which I managed to shakily record (I think it’ll demonstrate Stephen’s aforementioned performance zeal). It’s catchy I think:

Only two minor complaints: Father and Son was accompanied by a really creepy animation, and they didn’t play either of their best up-tempo tracks – So Good, and Together – the latter being particularly fitting for a reunion tour. Other than that, I’m looking forward to seeing the show again later in the tour: after eight years of absence once just isn’t enough!


3 thoughts on “Boyzone’s Triumphant Return: A Fan’s Review

  1. I totally agree with what you said. They were unreal! And theyd obviously worked hard.I hate it when theyre compared to take that, both bands are great, but im a boyzone girl thru and thru lol.Im going again to see the Dublin gig. CANT WAIT! Just wish theyd played key to my life, it was my fav the first time round 🙂


  2. Yay!! I totally agree with you, the show was immense.I was also holding out for So Good and Key to my Life, two of my favourites… never mind, maybe on the next tour!!They did so well, I was proud to be a Boyzone girl!


  3. Again total agreement here. I was at the Dublin Gig on Sat 28th. OH MY GOD!! The Boyz were totally amazing, both vocally and phsically.I started out going to their concerts with my young son (now 22) and became a die-hard fan myself in the process.One could clearly see the boyz were blown away themselves by the reception they got from the crowd in Dublin and the wry smiles on their faces just said “yep, we made the right decision”. It was clearly emotional for all concerned, I for one (now a mother of five children) stood right up front in the golden circle and cried and screamed like a teenager with the excitement as they exploded on stage. Fantasic show and will definitely be attending the next. THANKS BOYZONE for giving us back what we have missed for sooo long and more. xxxJacquie. 30/06/08


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