Dick and Dom: the saviours of Radio One

The BBC announced the new autumn schedule for Radio One yesterday, and as usual it’s a mixed bag, with some crushingly conservative decisions, along with some interesting new risks.

Giving Chris Moyles an extra half an hour in the morning makes a depressing kind of sense, given that he pulls in over seven million listeners. I’d rather tune in to Wogan, but then I’d rather listen to a jackhammer shattering my own shin bones than Moyles’ flabby self aggrandising waffle.

Completely incomprehensible is the inclusion of Kelly Osbourne in the station’s line up. The Sunday Surgery used to be a supportive, friendly but honest little show. The idea of listening to Osbourne trying to give advice to a sixteen year old in Hull suffering with depression fills me with dismay.

The BBC is misguided in believing that Kelly Osbourne will appeal to younger listeners just because she’s young and appeared on an MTV reality show five years ago. On this kind of show it is an empathetic personality and approach that draws people in, not whatever ‘star power’ Osbourne possesses (as Stuart on Hecklerspray so amusingly comments).

As a passionate fan and evangelist for the talents of Dick and Dom (of Da Bungalow fame), I am delighted at the inclusion of the double act on Sunday mornings. The show, I’m sure, will be fantastic, as well as the perfect stepping stone for them to move away from kids’ entertainment to become the next Ant and Dec of British light entertainment.

The biggest risk by station big-wigs (at least on first appearance) is giving a show to Greg James, who was still doing his time on UEA’s student radio earlier this year, before winning a National Student Radio award.

If the BBC makes break out stars like Russell Brand do time on 6music before promotion to their biggest station, then it must be pretty confident in his talents. Perhaps he’ll be another person worth tuning in for – unlike Osbourne he’s earned his show on merit rather than through nepotism.

James’ inclusion almost makes up for the fact that Vernon Kay and Scott Mills will still be clogging up Radio One’s airwaves.